Polyester Cone Yarn dyeing

Among the various yarn dyeing methods, the most common one is high temperature high pressure (HTHP) dyeing method. In this process, yarns are wound from paper cones to perforated plastic cones through which liquor can pass through. The process of winding from paper to perforated cones is an added pre-requisite.

The perforated cones are mounted on stainless steel carriers that are built according to the capacity of the machines. The machine capacity varies from 1 kg to 1000 kg or even more, with denominations of 3 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 220 kg, 350 kg, 400 kg and 500 kg. The stainless steel carriers are also perforated throughout their bodies so as to facilitate the movement of liquor.

Cone Dyeing Machine The HTHP yarn dyeing machine typically has 3 tanks. The main tank is made to take in the carrier while the other two are subsidiary tanks. One of them is used to prepare the dye liquor that is dosed gradually as required. The other tank is used to add the remaining auxiliary chemical ingredients required for pre-dyeing and after-dyeing.

The machine has a pump that forces the liquor movement inside the main tank. This pump is the heart of the machine since its inactivity during a dyeing cycle can cause the whole of the material to get wasted, or at least reprocessed. This main pump ensures the in-to-out and out-to-in movements of the liquor that happens during the dyeing cycle. For the subsidiary tanks, there are the auxiliary pumps working.

cone yarn dyeing machine


The consumption of water, chemicals, electrical energy, thermal energy and the wasted water are important cost factors in every dye house. With this machine all these factors are dramatically reduced, measured and controlled. Right-first-time in dyeing is now assured by lower differences inside-outside the packages, while savings of electric energy, water, chemicals, steam and compressed air will bring extremely fast payback times over the initial investment cost.

New SMDY sizes are from 5 kg to 1500 kg. This machine with this particular pump and inversion group allows to treat polyester textured high density till 0,5 Kg/l as well as very soft material like silk 0,3 kg/l density in order to process every kind of material you can have in your dye house.

In particular can dye bobbin 1.8 kg cotton, 2,4 kg acrylic, polyester 4 kg or 10 kg tops or muffs, tow, flock or beams

Main advantages are:

Possibility to dye with liquor ratio from 1:3.5 using in to out single circulation with material not fully covered.

Reduce consumption of chemicals, dyes, water and steam due to low liquor ratio facility.

Reduce power consumption of the main pump because pipes are designed to avoid losses of pressure so that the main pump is exploited in the best way. High efficiency motors and inverters reduce power consumption as well. Possibility to dye also in traditional way: air pad, material fully covered and flow circulation in to out and out to in directions.

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